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Health Carriers

  • Consolidate your technology with Trionfo’s single source Quote-to-Card, Billing, BenAdmin and Renewal platform
  • Give your distribution channels the ability to bring more products and workflows into one system
  • Offer employers, employees and individuals technology for BenAdmin, billing and benefits needs
  • Make benefits a holistic value for everyone you work with
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Ancillary Carriers

  • Consolidate your technology with Trionfo’s single source Quote-to-Card, Billing, BenAdmin and Renewal platform
  • Streamline how you offer your products to your distribution channels and clients directly
  • Open up new markets by tapping into Trionfo’s distribution channels and carrier partners
  • Allow your clients to have one place for their benefits and billing needs
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  • Sell holistically: bring health and ancillary into one spot to quote, model contributions, onboard employers and enroll employees
  • Consolidate your health and ancillary systems into a single source platform for quoting, onboarding, enrollment and billing
  • Gain access to nationally recognized carriers within one system
  • Bring a consolidated BenAdmin and billing system to your clients

Our Platform

trionfo enable solution

Benefits Administration

Benefits Enrollment and Management
  • Give Employers a place to manage benefits year-round
  • Allow Employees to enroll and enter life events
  • Renewals, Consolidated Billing, Reporting, etc.
trionfo enable solution

A Single Source Platform

One place for every stakeholder and process
  • Carriers have the ability to manage their products AND their sales channels
  • Brokers can quote and onboard employers 100% digitally…no paper
  • Employers and employees have one place to manage all of their benefits
trionfo enable solution

Multi-Product Cost Analysis

Why wait until renewal to get the whole picture?
  • Makes budgeting easier for employers
  • Allows brokers to sell all products at the same time based on budgets
  • Bring the most value to your clients and employees

Who is Trionfo?

From carrier to broker to employer to employee and the many technology systems in between…benefits are complex. Trionfo is a company who has purpose-built a single source platform to improve the distribution and consumption of insurance holistically. Our team is filled with people who have worked in the insurance industry for many years and then set out to build a platform to streamline all of the processes involved from rating, selling, buying and renewing policies based on their real-world experience. We are here to help you prevail.


From Our Clients


Director of Product and Marketing at a large broker

Our multi-carrier quoting process used to take days or sometimes weeks. Trionfo has been able to help us drive that process down to a couple of hours.


VP at a large health carrier

Because of the Trionfo team’s experience and first-hand knowledge in this space, we have been able to quickly partner with them to help both our top and our bottom lines.


VP of Distribution at a large ancillary carrier

Trionfo’s platform has been a huge boost for our account reps, our distribution channel and most importantly…our clients.

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Why Choose Trionfo?

Our single source platform is able to streamline each process within each link of the benefits value chain. From quoting to generating proposals to contribution modeling to onboarding/implementation to digital paperwork, consolidated billing, enrollment and BenAdmin and renewals.

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