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Trionfo Releases Whitepaper



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Trionfo Releases Whitepaper Addressing Growing Revenue and Saving Money for Carriers


Chicago, IL – Trionfo, who’s single source platform enables and empowers the distribution of insurance throughout every process and each link in the benefits-value-chain, released their latest whitepaper entitled, “Fueling Top-Line Growth & Bottom-Line Impact”.


The whitepaper addresses how carriers (both health and ancillary) can partner with technology platforms to help grow their top line revenue and, at the same time, use that platform to reduce operating costs. Typically, in the market today, carries and their sales channels are limited to very siloed systems and workflows that slow the sales process and are not seen as valuable by those that use them. On the other hand, carriers willing to look at their systems and what they offer their channels can get ahead of the curve. With the right partner in place, carriers can consolidate internal technology and bring value to the brokers, employers and employees they serve.


The whitepaper can be downloaded here.


About Trionfo: Trionfo is a company who purpose-built a single source platform to improve the distribution and consumption of insurance holistically. Our team is filled with people who have worked in the insurance industry for many years and then set out to build a platform to streamline all of the processes involved from rating, selling, buying and renewing policies based on their real-world experience. We are here to help you prevail. For more information, visit



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Trionfo Releases Whitepaper

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